5 things I learned in San Francisco during Kiva Fellows training

1. Other people are just as addicted as I am to articles with enticing titles like, “10 Great Business Ideas You Missed While You Were in the Bathroom,” “5 Words Really Smart People Say that Make Them Sounds Even Smarter”IMG_7186 and “How to be REALLY Happy.  Forever.”  Hence the title of this post.

2. Kiva exceeds expectations.  How they packed so much training and fun into one week is beyond me.  We went over everything from accounting to blogging.  And how they picked such an impressive and interesting group of people that are so compatible is sheer skill on their part!

3. Transparency is important to Kiva.  I’ve never been part of an organization this transparent, open and interactive; I’m overwhelmed with how refreshing it is.  The week started and ended with the co-founder & CEO, Matt, speaking to us and the entire office and also included a engaging session with Premal, the president.  We had training sessions led by a wide range of people in the office which made us fellows feel even more valued and involved.  Everyone wore the same name tags as we did (with their name, of course) all week–no pretentions.  LOVED it.

4. Tim & Jane’s IKEA couch is super-comfy, especially with fleece sheets.  Seriously.  Of course, it’s an accurate metaphor for how warm and welcoming they were to me.  Thanks, y’all!

5. Now.  Live in the now.  Have fun in the moment.  Introduce yourself to others.  Look around and notice the intricate decorations on the buildings  IMG_2248and lamp postsIMG_2247and be amazed that people are just as fascinating when you take the time to be present.  (But don’t take pictures and stare at people like you stare at the building.  That could be awkward.  Of course, if you do take pictures of people, be sure to have them sign a waiver.)

“Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.”
Sydney J. Harris

(thanks to Eric Brandt for the great training week photos)


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