Quick update:

GSO-ATL: 6-7:30

ATL-AMS: Midnight-3pm (local, +6 EST)

AMS-NBO: 10:20am-8:25pm (local, +8 EST)

The nice Dutch woman I sat next to recommended I just walk around Amsterdam.  Just my style–I took her advice and have included a few pics from that I took from my rambles and from my fantastic hostel, Cocomama.  Dutch people are incredibly nice!  While waiting for the tram, I must have looked a bit unsorted, so a gentleman asked (in Dutch with a bit of sign language) which tram I needed, then proceeded to tell me how to find it.  Where does that happen and how often?

The next day while waiting on my 10:20 flight I met a new friend, Yasin, who is a junior at Wake Forest doing a study abroad in Nairobi.  And then on the plan I sat next to Josh, a Duke alum working with a group he co-founded, Progressive Health.  These young men are going to go far–mark my word!

When I arrived in Nairobi, I was greeted at the airport by my driver, Saidy, and when I first walked into the apartment I’m staying at, I was greeted with cries of “Karibu, Kenya, Jada!”  (Welcome to Kenya, Jada!)  from students at one of Kiva’s partners, Strathmore University.  Asana sante, Kenya.  (Thank you, Kenya.)


3 responses to “ATL->AMS->NBO

  1. Sounds like you are off to a great start. Love the pictures and descriptions of Amsterdam. Can’t wait to hear more about Kenya.

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