And then my camera was stolen…

I wanted to call this post “My Nairobi”.  And then I decided I’d need to go get some more pics in order to justify that title.  Some pics of Moses, the guy on the corner who sells me flowers (Kenya grows loads of flowers for export) and helps me with my Swahili. Definitely some of Siady, the guy we’re always calling to drive us around Nairobi who served as military police in Yugoslavia and East Timor with two sets of twins, two of whom are in school in Kuala Lumpur and Khartoum.  Probably some pics of the vegetable lady down the street from whom I purchase avocados, tomatoes, mangos for amazingly tiny sums of money.  But then I remembered that I can’t because my camera got snatched from my backpack a couple of weeks ago in Meru when I was finishing up the last of my borrower visits.

Yes, I’m fine.  Yes, I’m grateful that I’m fine.  Yes, I stupidly had my backpack on my back going through a busy market and I feel like a travel neophyte when in truth I’ve travelled around the world without incident. Yes, I’m pretty sure it was taken by a couple of kids who planned it and took advantage of the opportunity.  Yes, I embarrassingly cried like a ninny on the minibus.  Yes, it can be replaced and I’ve been downloading my photos regularly before then.  So what’s the problem?

1. I was complacent because everyone has just been so darn nice to me.  Now I’m back to being paranoid again.

2. They took my voice.  How can I tell a story without photos?  How can I tell you about Janet, who served me tea with milk fresh from her cow? How can I describe the smile of pride on her face when she told me how her cow has tripled her monthly income to about $35 a month?  How can I show you how happy she is about the goat and two-week old kid her oldest son bought for her as a gift?  Words on a screen are boring.

Until I get a new camera, here are some from around Nairobi.  But like I said, it needs a few more before I can call it “My Nairobi”.

“Thou shalt not steal.” Exodus 20:15 

I’m thinking of taping this to my backpack as a deterrent.  That and carrying my pack on the front in crowded areas. 😉


2 responses to “And then my camera was stolen…

  1. Oh no!! I hate this happened to you. It happens to the best of us. Chris and I have traveled around the world, got complacent one day and boom! our backpack was stolen. It took a while for him to get over it, but my thought was, ¨they obviously needed it more than we did.¨ It was a pain to replace- lost my car keys in a foreign country, so getting home from the airport was an experience! And just think, those kids are either enjoying their new toy, or they sold it for money for their family? Either way, you are safe, which is the most important thing, and your camera CAN and WILL be replaced. Do it soon!! So you can take photos of your wonderful experience to share with everyone. Slideshow at the Tullos-Anderson home! 🙂 Don´t be paranoid, just be aware. Don´t let this put a damper on your experience either. The gratitude and love you have been shown FAR outweigh the mischievousness of some little kids.

    • My friend Felipe just had his backpack stolen the other night with his laptop in it and I proposed we find out where black market goods are sold here and he, being the completely moral and totally checked into the universe person that he is, said, “No, I don’t want to perpetuate the cycle.” If only everyone else felt the same way.

      I actually do hope they got a really good price for it or that if any adult found out what they did that they got what-for from the adult. The camera and the cash combined come out to about about a year’s income for a poor family. Kind of ridiculous on so many levels.

      My good friend Kelly is coming NEXT WEEK and is bringing my replacement with her, so more photos soon!

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