Serendipitous Ethiopia

Coming back from Ethiopia I met a professor of theology and philosophy at UC Riverside and Fullerton.  Because of my excitement at meeting a professional going to the US, I gave him a high five and appreciative handshake.  He said he was from northern Ethiopia originally, and had moved in the ’70s to Sweden.  I somewhat shyly asked if he had fled the Derg, and he had.  He said that although he loved Sweden (even the winters), he was so happy to be in California and in the States.  “Only one more year till citizenship!”, he told me.  He said although he will always be Ethiopian, he feels so privileged to also consider himself Swedish (he’s a Lutheran) and American.  This is why I travel.  I love serendipitous meetings like this.  I love going horseback riding in volcanic craters,  smelling my way through a spice market, and meeting cousins that I haven’t seen since a few years back and on another continent.

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.


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