Best Blog Post EVER

Maybe not ever, but at least on this blog. This is the blog entirely devoted to helping you be a good person. One of the best things I’ve ever heard when I told someone about an opportunity to make a donation to an organization was, “Thank you for giving me an opportunity to do good.” You don’t have to take the opportunity, but you can’t say I never gave you anything.

Look, a photo of a cute animal!


OK, now that I’ve got you in a receptive state of mind, I need to ask you an important question:

Why haven’t you made a loan on Kiva yet? Sorry, not you–I know you made a loan and I think it’s fantastic. I’m talking about the person behind you. Wait, don’t go away–look, more cute animals:


So, let’s go through the list of reasons why you haven’t yet made a loan on Kiva:

1. No time! No worries, it LITERALLY only takes five minutes. No exaggeration! If it doesn’t, I’ll buy your next coffee/drink/ice cream. Whatever you want, it’s on me if making a loan takes more than five minutes. (Please note that this does not apply for those of you with slow internet speeds, like Senegal, Samoa, and South Florida.) Think about all the time you spend on Facebook and five minutes won’t be so much.

2. They’ll ask for more money. They might, but you’re a smart cookie, and all you have to do is turn off all the email notifications. (You can change your email address or use one you don’t check very often!) You can even stay anonymous. Click here to see how email preferences can be adjusted.

3. I don’t have twenty-five bucks to just give away. Where have you been? I’ve told you about how you can give away someone else’s money so many times-it’s freeeeeee! There are some generous folks who’ve contributed money for you to try out Kiva for free. They think once you give it a go, you’ll be hooked. As a bonus, I also get some free money to loan if you make a loan.

4. I don’t think giving away money is right. Yeah, me neither. That’s why I like Kiva. It’s a loan, not a hand-out. The repayment rate on loans is about 98%, so when you make a loan with your money and your borrower pays back, you can put it back in your pocket (metaphorically speaking) or loan it to someone else.

Ah, a beautiful landscape while you think over how we’re all one human race with a right to the pursuit of happiness:

Mwingi rainbow

If you’re still reading, perhaps I haven’t persuaded you yet. I’ve appealed to your emotions (see cute animal above). I’ve answered your objections (see numbered list above). I’ve introduced you to a borrower and a credit officer on this blog. What else can I do to get you to make a loan?

A personal plea: Did you know my fellowship was unpaid? Yeah, seriously. I’m a total sucker for giving away my work for free. Or am I?

One of the great things about getting a paycheck is that it proves that you’re doing something tangibly valuable. One of the many ways my fellowship was meaningful was receiving positive feedback from the people I worked with.  And let’s face it folks, I am a weak person who thrives on the approval of others. Until I do enough meditation and prayer to never need approval, I’ll ask directly for yours. One of the easiest ways you can give me feedback and support about my fellowship is to make a loan to someone else. Each time someone has made a loan (12 times now!), I’ve felt personally fulfilled, because I know that my voice has been heard and that the voice of the people whose stories I’ve told has been heard. I could have chosen to raise money to pay for my fellowship, but we paid for it out-of-pocket because we wanted you to spend your money on people who really could use your financial support.

A challenge: My goal is to make a loan in each of the countries where Kiva Fellows from the 20th class (mine) were placed. So far, I’m at 9 out of 31. That means I need 22 people reading this to make a loan so I can make a loan for free (see #3).

In case you’re still wondering how to get to Kiva and make a loan, just click the link here: If you use this link, I’ll get a notification saying someone has made a loan. You can even remain anonymous if you want!

I realize that Kiva may not be for you, so if after all this you still aren’t convinced, it’s ok, really. Sniff. Sniff. Regardless, I challenge you to DO SOMETHING each day to make the world a better place.

“I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it for I shall not pass this way again.” Stephen Grellet



2 responses to “Best Blog Post EVER

  1. Jada,
    My Sunday school class has been donating as a group to Kiva for a couple of years at least. We have been adding money and recycling loans. I don’t know how much we have loaned over time, but it is in the thousands. It is amazing how the website has grown since we first started. So glad you had a good experience in Kenya.

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