What I did

From January to May of 2013, I was a Kiva Fellow in Kenya.  I devoted most of my time to what was then known as KADET, a part of World Vision that has since changed names to VisionFund. In general, I helped identify areas of operation where KADET could improve their efficiency and help save Kiva and KADET resources and boost impact.

Borrower verifications were a large part of my job as a Fellow, and like most Kiva Fellows, I loved getting out in the field (especially when it involved literally being in a field). I did 10 BVs for KADET and 10 for Juhudi Kilimo.

Blog posts and journal updates were also part of my duties, and I relished sharing the stories of the borrowers I met.



One response to “What I did

  1. Thanks for sending me the link, Jada. I am very interested in what you are doing and following your blog. I also enjoyed our Christmas visit and look forward to hearing all about Kenya. I am very excited for you and happy you have this opportunity. Love you.

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